Inside Church

Inside Church

Start 3D Model Builder (Geometry Pack)

Create the pew model

(click here to build)

Create the arch model

(click here to build)

Create the arch_end model

(click here to build)

Create the column model

(click here to build)

Click on and Project OpenArchitectureInside ChurchInside Church

Add the arches

Add the child model arch

Select, copy and flip X the create the other side

Copy the arches

Select both child models, copy and move them to make 4 arches

Add the columns

Add the column models as illustrated...

Draw a floor and wall

Draw a floor and front wall for the church

Add the church pews into the church

Select the child models as illustrated (so we can copy them)

Copy the arches and pews

Copy and flip Y to create the other side

Press Save to save the model

(click here to go back)

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