Start 3D Model Builder (Geometry Pack)

Click on and Project OpenDrawing CurvesDome

Draw a point

Draw a point at 20

Copy the points to create the arc

Copy and rotate points at 15 degrees each using the green arrow (up to 90 degrees)

Select the points

Press View Rotate as the action

Rotate the view to look down on the model as illustrated

Press Pick as the action

Click on the points (hold the SHIFT key) as illustrated (do not pick the top point)

Copy and rotate

Point 0 will be the centre of the rotation...

Press 3D Cursor as the action

Click on point 0 or move the 3D Cursor back to point 0

Press Turn as the action

Copy (hold CONTROL key) and turn / rotate the points around (15) each

Copy and rotate

Repeat the copy and rotate to create the points for the dome as illustrated

Draw triangles

Draw the triangles as strips, from the bottom to the top of the dome, as illustrated

Finish the dome

Finish the triangles for the dome

Change the lighting

Press the lighting button to show smooth lighting

The dome now appears to be nice and smooth!

Mirror the triangles

Press the normals button to show lighting normals

Press the mirror button to automatically mirror the triangles

Press Save to save the model

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