Spiral Stairs

Spiral Stairs

Start 3D Model Builder (Geometry Pack)

Create the step model

(click here to build)

Click on and Project OpenChild ModelsSpiral StairsSpiral Staircase

Add the child model step

Press Perspective button to change the view to Parallel mode (this will make child model placement easier)

Rotate the view as illustrated

Copy the step up

Select the child model

Copy (hold CONTROL key) and move child model step up by (8)

Rotate the step around

Rotate the child model step around to (20) degrees to join up with the lower step

Create more steps

Repeat the copy, move up (8) and rotate to add more steps

Try selecting 2 steps at once...

Create more steps

Try copying 4 steps in one go...

Create more steps

Try copying 8 steps in one go!

Create more steps

How high do you want to go?

Press Save to save the model

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